New Executives for PND

Sarah Cebulski  Brian Heffernan

Personal Neuro Devices is excited to announce the two newest members of our team, who will be taking on the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively.

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Your brain is the center of your world. It directly impacts your family, friends, work, and life. Your mind is in control no matter where you go, at all times.

Personal Neuro Devices is there to give you metrics from your brain so you can get results. Anywhere you go on your mobile you'll have the power to enhance the performance of your mind.

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Personal Neuro Devices is a company that stands at the center of brain health, wearable technology, and big data.

  • Collect brain metrics on our wearables.
  • Train your brain with apps like MindMender and Transcend 2.
  • Track your performance and learn about your mind on Introspect.



With our devices you can monitor your brain's health, better understand how your mind works, and even play games to improve brain functions. Personal Neuro: Your Mind at Your Fingertips.
Aging Brains
Gaining data about your brain can help manage aging and track cognitive decline. People around the world are aging and it's time to take control of brain health for their future and their children.
Safety Industry
Brain data can help workers assess their brain health in the field. When efficiency and security are needed, workers cannot succumb to stress or distraction. They are what stand between our communities and disaster.