New Executives for PND

Sarah Cebulski  Brian Heffernan

Personal Neuro Devices is excited to announce the two newest members of our team, who will be taking on the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively.

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Personal Neuro Devices is a company that stands at the center of brain health, wearable technology, and big data.

  • Collect brain metrics on our wearables.
  • Train your brain with apps like MindMender and Transcend 2.
  • Track your performance and learn about your mind on Introspect.



About PND
At Personal Neuro Devices we believe that your mind is what is between you and what you want. Let's take control of the most valuable real-estate on your body and make it better. We make it easy with metric-based brain training.
We provide you the tools you need to realize your unique dreams. Anywhere, anytime.
Since 2010 we've been working in an innovative headspace, using EEG brain waves to control apps and games. We're on the thrilling edge of brain health, mobile apps, and big data and we want you to join us. The world will be a happier, healthier place if we pay a little more attention to our brains and back up our decisions with data.

Clinically Proven Science

Personal Neuro Devices brings you the clinically proven science of neurofeedback to your mobile devices and wearables. Neurofeedback is shown to be effective like pharmaceuticals for ADHD and shows promise for other brain health issues that threaten our communities.

Secure In Canada

Personal data is held securely in data centers in Canada. The proper authentication and safety of your information is a top priority and we go out of our way to ensure the satisfaction of our customers around the world.